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Our story began in the early years of the century when my granduncle
Quinto Mansuino decided to quit his activity of photographer and became a breeder.
He taught the art of carnation breeding to his nephew Dr. Nobbio, who, subsequently, taught me. I have been working with him for many years and lately founded the company HYBRIDA.
HYBRIDA is now managing all the new varieties as well as part of the old ones of Dr. Nobbio, while continuing the long term task of breeding new varieties.
Together we produce all kind of carnation varieties: standard, sprays, pot and micro.
Nowadays breeding and selection are carried on by using all the latest technologies; nonetheless, according to our family tradition, the main instrument remains the experience and the personal intuition of the breeder.
We have built a wide collection of varieties to use as parents, and every year such collection is increased, with the purpose of always having the right characters available for the evolving market demand. Dr. Nobbio began in 1949 to built a new line, by crossing several species together. The first commercial varieties of this work were called Chinese types, for the dominancy of one of the specie: Dyanthus chinensis. That work continues in part direct to bring new colors in the pot plants, in part for increasing the production and the patters of the standard carnations.

Our professionalism in breeding has created some of the most cultivated varieties worldwide, so if you are a carnation grower in Japan, Colombia or other countries, you probably have or had at least one of our creations. Being a specialized company we are not selling cuttings directly; our varieties are licensed to international nurseries and distributed by them.
Our carnations can be easily recognized because marked in the licensees catalogs with the suffix "NGR"
(for Dr. Nobbio) and "Hybrida or Hybgr".


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